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Custom home building involves a lot of decision-making on the side of the homeowner. That’s why you need to get informed before design and construction start. Another way to handle this is to leave everything in the hands of the builders and architects. But if you want your new home to be as comfortable for you as possible, we recommend at least learning about materials.

This way, you can choose the materials and products that perfectly fit your needs, both aesthetically and practically. If you have trouble finding information, don’t be afraid to contact experts. Don’t be shy and ask them everything that interests you, from materials and design trends to building permits and lot inspections. Remember to stay optimistic during the process and have fun with it! 


Try to make a rough plan of your next few years. How will your new custom home play a role in the next chapter of your life? Ask yourself important questions like: Do I plan to extend the family? Will I retire here? Do I plan to work from home? Should I start prioritizing my health?, etc. 

Plan your budget and the layout of your house based on the answers to these questions. For example, if you want to improve your health, maybe you can build a small gym, private sauna, or a plunge pool. If, on the other hand, you want to have more kids in the near future, think about adding an extra master bedroom. 


Whether you plan to build a house or buy a pre-made one, you must try to learn more about the surroundings. So before you purchase a lot, it’s crucial that you investigate the neighborhood which you plan to build in.

Find out whether that neighborhood is accessible by main roads and whether it is close to public institutions like schools, hospitals, police stations, etc. Others things to look at are market value, lot quality, and safety. For the first two, you should consult experts. For the last, you can consult with realtors or simply ask around the neighborhood. 

The next thing on your list should be checking the zoning and building restrictions. The best time to do this is before even purchasing the lot. Nobody wants to envision their dream home and then buy a lot in an area that has restrictions on the house’s exterior looks, size, etc. 


Building a custom home is a large investment. If something goes wrong, financial trouble is almost unescapable. In order to protect yourself from these unwanted scenarios, it’s best to work with a lawyer. They don’t have to be present during the construction, they don’t even need to be. However, some lawyer tips and explanations at the beginning of the building process will save you from ton of worries and fees later on. 

A lawyer will come in very handy for evaluating the construction contract and the building regulations. Apart from working with reputable and experienced building companies, this is the second best way to protect yourself from scams, mistakes, and amateurs companies. 


Just like any construction project, choosing custom home builders must be based on their experience, education, and quality of portfolio. However, their experience and portfolio should be relevant for your needs. The builders should also be up-to-date with trends and innovation, providing materials of the highest quality and made by reputable manufacturers. 

The builders should also offer quality warranties and have amazing customer service. There must be a clear and transparent communication between you and the company. If you sense that the builders don’t understand or approve your vision, feel free to look at some of their competitors.  

Don’t forget, building a house from ground zero is a tough process. The custom home building company you choose will determine the outcome and influence you in many years to come.


Even though you might get angry and frustrated during construction (as it usually happens when building or renovating a house), don’t forget that the builders are working as hard as they can to make your dreams come true. So even though you might stumble upon a few hardships, try to maintain communication with the workers and find the right solutions with ease. 

Custom home building can be stressful. A good relationship with the builders and architects is not just a way of saying thank you or being decent, it’s also a way to maintain a positive attitude and state of mind. Also, if everybody is happy on the site, the results will turn out much better. Collaboration is the key for a successful custom home build. 


What matters the most in custom home builds is to stay true to yourself! During the design and building process, homeowners can get a bit discouraged about their initial idea. Sure, the idea can evolve and develop into something more beautiful but make sure not to compromise yourself and your vision. There are many situations when people wanted to build something but got discouraged or afraid along the way. If you ask any of them now, 90% will say that they regret not taking the risk and ignoring their vision. 

Also, even though the builders are usually right, always trust your gut! If you are confident in a certain decision, go for it! Of course, only if there is no reason to suspect that it can cause harm to your family or new house. 

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