Welcome to Dallas Custom Home Builder Blog!

Welcome to Dallas Custom Home Builder blog, where you can follow us on our journey as we build our first custom home. My name is Josh, and my wife Jazmine and I are currently building our dream home in Dallas, Texas. We decided to create this website to document our experience because we found the process to be almost overwhelming, especially in the early stages.

Our goal is to shed light on all of the steps involved in building a custom home, and especially those aspects that are unique to building in Dallas and the North Texas area in general.

From our very first steps of finding a custom home builder, to finding the land for the home, to all of the documentation needed along the way, to all of the choices involved in the design and finish out options, to all of the risks involved and all of the costs we incurred, we’ll be sharing it all with you.

We’ll also be showing you all of the great ideas, interesting upgrades and modern innovations we come across to make every aspect of your own custom home design stand out, from cost-effective strategies to the most extravagant options available on the market today.

We hope that by sharing our experience we can help others anticipate the challenges involved, benefit from our insights, and avoid our mistakes as they go through the process.

So please check back regularly to keep updated on our progress, and to read our articles covering all of the stuff we have to deal with, the decisions we have to make, and the lessons we are learning along the way.